Exercise and Obesity Medicine

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Attending Physician 

Dr. Albane Maggio



  • Provide diagnostic and therapeutic care for children and adolescents who are overweight.
  • Provide a multidisciplinary team including physicians, dieticians, psychologists, nurses and sports coaches specialized in the areas of: obesity, adolescence, eating disorders, family therapy and physical activity.
  • Offer family support, as close as possible to the needs of patients and their families: individual outpatient consultations and/or group programs.
  • Work with the other pediatric specialty divisions to ensure a comprehensive patient approach in terms of physical exercise and chronic diseases.

Practical info

Exercise and Obesity Medicine Sector
Children's Hospital
Rue Willy Donzé 6
1205 Genève

To make an appointment 

  • Overweight children and adolescents up to 16 years of age may contact the Administrative Office of the "Counterweight" Consultation 
  • Overweight young people 16 to 20 years of age may contact the Administrative Office of the Youth Health Unit.


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