Social and Environmental Report 2015

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Geneva University Hospitals

Every single day, the HUG are mindful of their social and environmental responsibility. Although work was initiated well before 2016, this year they have decided to take stock of the situation and record it in the publication you hold in your hands.

This report is not exhaustive and is intended above all to educate the public on past achievements and ongoing projects in this field.

What's interesting about social and environmental responsibility is that it sits at the crossroads between regulatory requirements and voluntary initiative. While legislation demands that we take steps in the right direction, the best projects are usually those implemented on the basis of individual and spontaneous initiative. This is a field in which conviction, ideals and collaboration serve as catalysts for engagement and achievement. 

Plenty of important projects have already been carried out at the HUG. And there are still lots of promising ideas in the pipeline.



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Last update : 20/04/2021