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87 boulevard de la cluse
1211 Geneva 14

Catherine Chamay Weber
Attending Physician of the Unit, ad interim

The development of adolescent medicine education is one of the mandates of HUG's cross-disciplinary adolescent and young adult program, and has been a priority in the unit since its creation. Senior physicians are actively involved in teaching, locally, nationally and internationally. They are regularly invited to lectures and conferences (FR).

Adolescent medicine is a recognized specialty within family practice, gynecology and pediatrics in the USA, Canada and Australia. In Europe, this discipline is taught in a variety of ways. The Euteach networkthat the Youth Health Consultation is a part of, plays an active role as an innovator in the development of adolescent medicine education in Europe.

The unit carries out its teaching activities thanks to:

  • a program for adolescents acting as patients, since 2005: Recruitment, training and coaching of patient actors, development and moderation of interactive training sessions involving simulated adolescent patients, and the development of a train the trainers module (group work with an adolescent patient actor, aimed at various health professionals)
  • Creation and implementation of tools: an eLearning site  form@tox (access to FormatoxRMS), DVDs and other documents or folders
  • develop teaching in adolescent medicine, thanks to the EuTeach network
  • Active contributions from senior physicians teaching in their specialist areas (pediatrics, general medicine, gynecology)

Teaching in adolescent medicine and general medicine or pediatrics takes place at the University of Geneva, as part of pre-graduate education (FR), postgraduate education (FR) and continuing education (FR)

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