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Like any large company, the HUG generates a considerable amount of traffic. Transport is responsible for 21.6% of the hospitals' greenhouse gas emissions. In its 20/20 Vision strategic plan, the institution has set a goal of reducing its traffic-related impact by increasing eco-mobile travel by 20% between now and 2020. And this thinking isn't just pie in the sky. Concrete measures have been put in place, through a mobility plan. Its goal? To encourage employees to leave their car at home for commutes and business trips. 

To do this, the HUG are offering financial assistance to employees who regularly use public transport: in 2015, they subsidised 3164 public transport and Park&Bike subscriptions. The frequency of the free shuttle linking the Cluse-Roseraie, Belle-Idée and Trois-Chêne sites was also increased at the same time as the introduction of a Park + Shuttle Bus subscription at Belle-Idée, designed for employees working at the Cluse-Roseraie site.

Better access to public transport

Meanwhile, negotiations with the cantonal authorities and Geneva Public Transport (TPG) were undertaken to improve access to hospital buildings. Between now and 2019, these transport options will be completed by the arrival of the RER LEMAN Express train (CEVA). A "Champel-Hôpital" stop will provide direct access to the main Cluse-Roseraie site. A working group is closely monitoring the project, to make sure that this future mode of transportation meets the institution's needs in terms of schedules, and will be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

By car, yes, but with others

The HUG also encourage carpooling and car sharing. People who travel to work together every day take priority when it comes to parking space at the HUG. This is a significant incentive, bearing in mind that it normally takes over ten years to get a parking permit for Cluse-Roseraie. In 2015, 142 carpool teams made up of 324 employees came forward, and have thus obtained parking permits at the heart of the hospital site.

The HUG also try to encourage employees to use public transport for their business trips. When taking a car is essential, employees are encouraged to use one of the 180 carsharing vehicles offered by the company Mobility CarSharing.

71 %

of employees come to work using "clean" transport


La part belle au vélo

Prioritising bikes

Great for the planet and great for our health, cycling has become a top priority for the HUG. A fleet of 27 bicycles, including 14 electric bikes, is available to employees, and significant efforts have been made to facilitate bike parking in the vicinity of the hospital: over 1500 spaces currently exist for this purpose. Since 2010, the bike sharing scheme has been used 5800 times. Staff can also benefit from an interest-free loan to buy their own electric bike. So far, around a hundred employees have benefited from this offer.

These efforts are beginning to bear fruit. A survey carried out among employees in the autumn of 2015 showed that the number of people using an environmentally friendly mode of transport to travel to the Cluse-Roseraie site had increased from 48% in 2002 to 71% in 2015. As for visitors, 60% of them come to hospital using "clean" transport modes.


Last update : 27/04/2017