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Creating treatments

Around fifteen clinical pathways have been established to improve treatments for the most common pathologies. They provide a detailed description of the different steps of patient care and help improve the quality and efficiency of treatments, particularly by decreasing the variability of practices for patients with the same diagnosis.

Patient satisfaction surveys

Each year, the HUG carry out satisfaction surveys among 2500 adult patients who have been hospitalised for more than 24 hours. The questionnaire from the Picker Institute is made up of 44 questions and considers moral support, respect for the individual, information provided to patients and relatives, physical well-being, the discharge process and treatment. Questions have been added to cover topics including pain relief, feeling of safety, and comfort. The results are presented to the departments to help improve quality of care.

The study published in 2015 was based on 1634 questionnaires (61% response rate). It reported that 97% of patients felt they received good to excellent care and 73% of patients would recommend the hospital to their relatives. 90% found the level of comfort to be good or excellent. Finally, 85% of patients felt that they had been treated in complete safety, a result that increased significantly in the past 15 years.

73 %

of patients would recommend the HUG to their loved ones


Participation in several other national schemes for quality measurement

The HUG also follow the national quality indicators of the Swiss association for the development of quality in hospitals and clinics (ANQ). They also participate in the measurement of "quality indicators for Swiss acute care hospitals" conducted by the Federal Office of Public Health.

Patient-oriented quality

Established in 2012, the patient-oriented quality (QuaP) project is designed to help hospital teams improve the quality of patient care by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experience. It aims to promote dialogue between employees in the nursing units and senior physicians; to identify the strengths of the units; to identify areas of improvement; to re-educate employees on best practices and contribute to a shared vision of quality.

Quality Day

The HUG Quality Day aims to encourage ideas from employees focused on improving the quality of care, treatments and services. They are invited to submit their projects, ideas or "dreams" in collaboration with the patient. A Quality Award and various other awards, such as the "patient's participation in their care" are awarded by the jury.

Last update : 24/01/2017