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Alongside their research and teaching missions, the HUG are dedicated to providing medical care to the entire population, regardless of insurance systems, background or socio-economic categories. We take a closer look at some of the original activities carried out for society as a whole.

Treatment and care for vulnerable populations

As part of this public interest work, the HUG offer access to treatment for groups of people who are disadvantaged because of their age, their social, economic or legal status (asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, prisoners, etc.) or their lifestyle.

As such, they participate in the treatment service that provides care in the home for the elderly. They have also developed services for drug addicts and for people affected by violence.With the support of the foundation Children Action, the HUG have set up "Malatavie - Crisis Unit", an initiative focused on prevention and offering outpatient and inpatient care for adolescents. A 24/24 hotline answers calls from young people aged between 13 and 25 years, who are plagued by suicidal thoughts or anxiety, as well as their families. 022 372 42 42 -

50 years of family planning

Sexual health and family planning are part of the HUG's work Created to teach people about contraception in the midst of the sexual revolution, "family planning", which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, has adapted to the needs of the time, and now sees many pregnant women and couples with sexual concerns, sometimes faced with an unplanned pregnancy. It also advises migrants with regard to their particular needs, and campaigns against sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Learn more about the Sexual health and family planning clinic.

Urban medicine

The Mobile Outpatient Consultation Unit for Community Care (CAMSCO) works in the field of urban health. It facilitates access to preventive, curative and rehabilitation treatments for people in precarious situations such as the homeless, people without legal status or without health insurance. It works in coordination with social structures that deal with housing, food and social and professional integration. As an observatory of the health needs of vulnerable populations, the CAMSCO also participates in research and training projects in this field.

For every canton emergency

The HUG's 144 service provides urgent health assistance to the entire canton. 75,000 requests were handled in 2015. Among its many functions, it supports people with an acute health problem, assesses their condition and directs them to the most suitable primary care facility for their needs. It implements and coordinates all emergency rescue vehicles across the canton, including 25 ambulances, two specialist SMUR paramedic units (Cardiomobile), one air ambulance and a senior executive physician.

Good communications with your doctor are vital

The HUG are cosmopolitan hospitals where more than half of patients and caregivers are foreign nationals, so professional interpreters are available free of charge to patients for medical consultations. In 2015, the HUG recorded nearly 30,000 hours of interpreting, in 58 different languages, vs. 15,000 in 2010. The HUG also use the AOZ-Medios solution, a 24-hour telephone interpreting service developed as an initiative of the Swiss National Migration and Healthcare Programme, and implemented by the Swiss FOPH. A team from Geneva University Hospitals is currently developing Babel Dr, a medical interpreting app that will primarily be used for emergencies involving languages that are rarely translated ​​such as Tigrinya or Farsi. This development was made possible thanks to the financial support of the HUG's private foundation.

Etude et promotion mobiles de la santé

Mobile studies and promotion of healthcare

The Bus Santé (Health Bus), run by the HUG epidemiology unit  has travelled the canton for over 20 years, meeting with residents and measuring their health. Each year, 1000 people take part in this study and receive a free health check in return. The bus is also a key way of promoting healthcare, offering free screenings for melanoma, glaucoma, strokes and diabetes. At public events such as the  Running et Santé (Running and Health) Day, it offers free testing of the cardiovascular system, as well as going into local businesses.



In addition to these specific activities, in 2015 the HUG took care of:

  • 4142 births in the maternity hospital
  • 64,525 adult emergencies
  • 27,049 paediatric emergencies
  • 59,430 hospital admissions
  • 991,413 outpatient appointments
  • 26,234 surgeries
  • 328 surgical operations using next generation robotics
Last update : 19/12/2018