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With their 10,826 employees working in 180 different activities, the HUG have established their position as Geneva's largest employer in terms of workforce. Naturally, the HUG want to attract and retain the best talent available. One way of doing this is to offer pleasant and motivating working conditions. To this end, several initiatives have been taken to reconcile work and private life (see Work-life balance).

Promoting diversity

In 2015, the HUG recruited 907 people. While the institution seeks above all to hire qualified and talented professionals, it is also committed to ensuring equal opportunities and a diverse range of backgrounds within teams. At present, women account for 69% of the workforce. They make up more than half of the body of doctors and are also increasingly taking on executive roles (51% in 2015 vs. 46% in 2010). Since March 2016, the Management Committee has consisted of four women and five men.

The HUG also endeavor to promote the representation of different generations. The average age of employees currently stands at 44 years old. A quarter of employees are under 36 years old and one in ten is aged over 57. And finally, a wide variety of countries of origin are represented, with 108 different nationalities. In 2015, the proportion of Swiss employees remained stable at 49%; 34% of employees were French and 13% came from EU and EFTA countries.

Promoting integration

The HUG have a policy of prioritising job seekers - assuming equivalent skills - when hiring. All job vacancies are announced at the cantonal employment office ten days before being offered to the general public, in accordance with the cantonal directive. As a result, in 2015 alone, 125 unemployed people joined the HUG. These efforts led to the hospital achieving the  1+ pour tous (1+ for all) label in 2014, awarded to companies that hire unemployed people living in the canton.

Opportunities for young people

The HUG are also keen to give young graduates a chance. They offer positions to almost all graduates of the Haute Ecole de Santé de Genève (HEdS), which represented 88 people in 2015. They also work closely with several organizations that help young people in difficulty to access the job market. They are offered pre-apprenticeship positions, with the aim of getting them onto a vocational training course (specifically under the "Certificat Fédéral de Capacité" system in Switzerland).

Last update : 18/06/2020