20/20 Vision

Vision 20/20The HUG's first social and environmental report

For many years, Geneva University Hospitals have been committed to patient well-being, the working conditions of employees, and the valuable contributions made to the community. 

Environmental management is also a key priority, as stipulated in the service contract with the State of Geneva.

Back in 2009, the HUG were the first European hospitals to conduct a life cycle assessment (which has since been extended), then to adopt an ethical code of conduct including commitments to sustainable management and responsible purchasing. 

In 2015, the HUG presented their new five-year strategic plan, christened 20/20 Vision.

In light of the many challenges raised by future changes to medicine, as well as demographics, public finance and the hospital sector, the HUG were keen to get as many of their professionals involved as possible, from all the institution's activities. Together they carried out an extensive participatory review, analyzing the key elements of healthcare professions both today and in the future. In doing so, they identified five strategic objectives for coming years, which are:

  • Excelling for the patient
  • Giving employees meaning and purpose
  • Working better together
  • Affirming the role of Geneva University Hospitals in the health network for the Lake Geneva area and in Switzerland as a whole
  • Preparing for the future.

These objectives translate into nine strategic projects and 32 concrete actions, all of which reflect a strong desire to adapt the HUG to the changes we expect over the coming years, focusing on improved hospital culture, human values ​​and respect for the environment. They are an important opportunity for the HUG to affirm their social and environmental responsibility, as the largest company in the canton and its leading employer. 

20/20 Vision is a critical document for the institution, and was approved by the HUG Board of Directors at its meeting on 11 May 2015, before being distributed to all employees and published on the HUG website.

This social and environmental report is therefore perfectly in line with such a strategic approach, and aims to inform the public of the actions taken in favour of society and the environment.

Participatory approach


  • 500 employees involved
  • 280 questionnaires completed
  • 100 executives involved
  • 1 intranet forum reaching 10,500 employees
  • 8 members of the steering committee
Last update : 18/06/2020