Medical activities

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The Adult Psychiatry Unit is organized around in- and outpatient care.

There are 3 sectors (Eaux-Vives, Jonctions, Servette), each of which has an Outpatient Psychiatry and Integrated Psychotherapy Center (CAPPI) consisting of: 

The Eaux-Vives sector also has a mobile team (FR) (ACT).

The work of these sectors is a part of outreach efforts with the medical and social care system, and it complements the work of other professionals.

The division also has a  Medium Stay (FR) admissions units for patients with complex psychopathology, and 3 Geriatric Psychiatry (FR) admissions units, as well as a CAPPA (Outpatient Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy for the Elderly) dedicated to the care of elderly patients.

Last update : 29/01/2019