The Pediatrics Division works with 47 Residents and 43 Senior Residents. Every year, it takes on approximately 16 new Residents for training. The division has a total of 87 instructors.  

After their training, the Residents can choose from several careers:

  • 80% go into office-based practices
  • 10% pursue a sub-specialization
  • 10% pursue an academic career in general pediatrics (Senior Residents)

Postgraduate Training Goals

  • Offer a program of training that uses new technology to integrate the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and attitudes demonstrated in the roles of CANMEDS and to support Residents with their professional development, to become pediatricians.
  • Develop a critical approach and provide the tools required to constantly renew professional knowledge and skills.
  • Teach methods of communication that promote teamwork.
  • Offer an environment that encourages participation and development in teaching and research projects.

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Last update : 02/06/2020