Discover Partnership at the HUG

Patients, caregivers and professionals are involved in the partnership and you can see this commitment through their Patients as Partners actions shown on an interactive map.

You can view them for the HUG as a whole, or by department/division, by initiator category, and by level of involvement of patients or caregivers.

The Patients as Partners action is, above all, a daily activity when taking care of the patient (reception, comfort care, administration). But it can take other forms: project, event, forum, blog, consultation, committee, workshop, guide, survey.

The action may be:

  • relational, educational, preventive or therapeutic for the care of the patient
  • an approach to improvement of hospital services (comfort, environment, etc.)
  • a collaboration for teaching, research, administration, and governance.

All HUG areas of activity are affected by these actions and all partners may be the source of an action.

Patient involvement must be demonstrated in the action and must correspond to one of four levels of involvement.

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Last update : 21/03/2018