The patient’s charter

HUG is committed to seven key points which demonstrate the high ethical principles of the professionals who work there.

The welcome is the first form of care
Anyone requiring treatment is admitted without any kind of discrimination concerning their origin, religion, opinions, illness or disabilities. Following an evaluation of their needs, they are directed towards the most suitable treatment.

Respect for the person
All information conveyed in the context of care is confidential. The care staff respects the beliefs, culture and privacy of patients and those around them. 

Easy communication
The patient is informed regularly about his treatment and his monitoring by a doctor and a suitable nurse. He can ask them questions at any time and, upon request, consult his medical file.

The patient as a partner in his treatment
The patient is informed in an understandable and fair way. He is encouraged to take part in all decisions that concern him. His wishes are respected. If he is no longer able to express himself, his expected instructions are applied and his representative is consulted.

Care adapted to each person
The care team offers a customized approach to care that takes into account the personal needs and values of the patient. They are particularly attentive to the patient’s pain relief and well-being.

Consent required for all research
To be included in a clinical trial, the patient has to receive full information beforehand and give his explicit consent. He may withdraw his consent to participate at any time.

Quality of care is continuously assessed
The observations and opinion of the patient are gathered and acted on based on a constant endeavor to improve care. The Mediation Unit offers patients and their visitors the possibility of expressing difficulties encountered while at HUG.


Last update : 27/05/2022