Casts Wearer Guide

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Surveillance des plâtres

On this page, you will find important information for children who have a cast.

Your arm or leg has been immobilized in a cast, which you’re going to have to wear for as long as your doctor deems necessary. The exact time depends on your age and the condition of the bone.

In order to assess how well your bone is healing, you’ll have to come back to the hospital regularly for x-rays.

Here are some important tips for making sure your arm or leg heals as quickly as possible.

  • Move your fingers or toes as much as possible, to keep the blood circulating.
  • Move whatever joints are not in the cast.
  • Don’t put anything between the cast and your skin if it itches. You might do yourself an injury that will only be noticed once it becomes infected.
  • Don’t expose your cast to the sun or heat (radiator, hair dryer, etc.).
  • Don’t wet the cast (not even fibreglass casts are waterproof).
  • Don’t ride a bicycle, motorbike or scooter, skate, ski or swim while you have the cast.
  • Avoid activities that are very physical, violent (martial arts, boxing, etc.) or dirty (gardening, playing in the sand, etc.).
  • Stick to activities that are compatible with a cast: reading, board games, video games your parents allow you to play, etc.

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Plaster casts dry in 24 to 48 hours.
Fibreglass casts dry in 3 to 5 hours.

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