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Pediatric Intensive Care

Rue Willy Donzé 6
1205 Geneva

Complément d'adresse
Pediatric building, 1st floor
Soins intensifs pédiatriques

Rue Willy Donzé 6
1205 Genève

Complément d'adresse
Bât. de la pédiatrie, niv. 1
Peter Rimensberger
Head of Division

Advances in medicine are the result of new ideas developed through research and in collaboration with parents and their children.

Clinical studies are important in a university hospital and it is essential to develop specific research projects for children and newborns because the results from studies done on adults and children cannot simply be transferred to newborns.

Your baby or child benefits directly from this work since their involvement in clinical studies means our team of physicians and nurses must have ahigh level of knowledge and skills.

The division's team systematically informs parents before including a newborn or child in a study and parents can always choose not to participate or to withdraw from a study in progress without that having any effect on the quality of care they receive.

The following explanations should answer the most frequently asked questions. In addition, doctors and nurses in the unit are happy to help you.a.

How do you protect the rights of patients who take part in this type of research?

Our studies are designed very carefully to ensure that participants benefit from the best treatments and methods that are available.

The hospital Ethics Committee evaluates every research protocol before giving authorization to begin the study. This committee is responsible for ensuring that the study is well planned, that this research will be useful in the future and that no pointless risks are taken for the baby or the child.

The parents are always given full information so that they can make an informed decision whether to take part in the study or not. Even after they have given their consent, parents may withdraw their child from the study at any time.


What is a clinical study?

A clinical study is a scientific study where the purpose is to improve care.

Years of basic research are often required to ensure that a promising technique will be useful. Next, studies are done at the hospital.

Participation in clinical studies helps to make progress in the care provided of young patients in the division.


What is the purpose of clinical studies?

The purpose is usually to determine the effectiveness of a particular intervention as compared to normal care. Sometimes, other aspects of care provided are studied, such as laboratory tests.


What are the advantages of clinical studies?

Clinical studies have helped us make great strides in neonatology and intensive medicine. Here are some examples:

  • Controlled environments for newborns
  • Developing new treatments
  • Using the most effective medication
  • Developing new diagnostic methods.


What are the distinctive features of clinical studies?

When we evaluate certain interventions, we have to compare patients who receive the new intervention with others who did not.

A random distribution in either one of these groups is the only way to obtain two completely comparable groups and to guarantee equal care i in both groups.


To support research in neonatology and pediatric intensive medicine

Funding research in the area of neonatology and intensive medicine is particularly difficult to obtain since industry’s economic interest in it is very marginal.

However, this situation favors research without financial constraints that can thus be more targeted to the needs of patients in the division as soon as neutral funding (scholarships, sponsorships, donations) is available.

This research obviously must comply with the strictestethical and safety guidelines. It is placed under the auspices of institutional and national ethics review commissions.

Would you like to support our research for newborns and premature babies?

The HUG has a foundation, the HUG Private Foundation (FR) (formerly fondation Artères) that offers you an opportunity to link your donation or your support directly to a specific area. To do so, you only need to state that you would like your donation to be devoted to research conducted by the Neonatal Unit or the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.


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