Vision 20/20

06 More time for patients

Plus de temps pour les patients - Projets stratégique

Better division of labour between administrative staff and medical caregivers means that more time can be allocated to interaction with patients.

Chatting and being kept informed are among patients' legitimate expectations of their caregivers. This takes time; time which can be spared by establishing a better balance of activities.

02 Employees in action

Collaborateurs acteurs - Projets stratégique

With some 10,500 employees in 2015, Geneva University Hospitals represent a pool of ideas that it would certainly be a shame to ignore. Each employee, with their own personality and skills, can play an active role in the joint development of innovative solutions to help the hospital move forward.

The 20/20 Vision in brief

20/20 Vision, the Geneva University Hospitals’ (HUG) 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, is based on a broad participatory review carried out across the HUG.

The analysis of the general context in which the HUG carry out their work has helped to identify seven major challenges  that the hospitals will have to address over the next five years. To do this, the vision of the HUG for the next few years has been formulated as five strategic objectives: