Vaccination and pregnancy

It is always better to prevent than to treat. Some infectious diseases can be avoided through vaccination. Influenza and whooping cough are particularly dangerous during pregnancy. Vaccination against these two diseases remains possible during the pregnancy and even during the post-partum period. The vaccine is useful as it avoids maternal and fetal complications while preserving your baby’s health up to a few weeks after his/her birth.


  • Rubella/measles: In general you will have been vaccinated in childhood against this disease. Serological tests are performed by your physician in early pregnancy. If you are not immune (negative) your physician will be informed and a vaccination will be performed after giving birth.

Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine


Mission of the Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine Division

  • To provide care for patients returning from travel and affected by an import pathology that is either tropical or parasitic.
  • To provide prevention advice and administer specialized vaccinations to travelers, expatriates, students and the local population. To actively participate in vaccination campaigns in the event of an epidemic or other identified need.
  • To provide medical supervision in the parasitology laboratory.
  • To develop partnerships with local and international organizations and institutions to promote an interdisciplinary and interactive approach in order to facilitate access to care and good health while highlighting and promoting the available skills at HUG and to make use of them in international activities.