Urgences Adultes

End of your treatment

Fin de votre prise en charge aux urgences adultesHow is it organized?

After discussion with the doctor, you may have to remain in the Observation Unit in adult emergencies if your condition requires a specialist examination or monitoring for 12 to 24 hours.

Otherwise, there are two possibilities:

Start of your treatment

The acute care sector

This sector is for patients with emergency levels of 1, 2 or 3 who potentially require hospitalization. If your condition is categorized as urgency level 1, your treatment will commence immediately in order to stabilize your vital functions. Otherwise, your admission will follow a two-step process.

Your admission

Votre accueil aux urgences adultesHow does your treatment start ?

When you arrive in adult emergencies, either independently or by ambulance, you will be received by a specialist nurse. They will quickly assess your health condition based on your symptoms and indicators such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature. They will then determine the level of urgency and direct you to the most appropriate care sector.