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Patient’s space

This space is a place for sharing experiences and questions. This area could eventually become a blog.

For the time being, we suggest that you simply send messages that you would like to share with others who, like you, have atherosclerosis or had a heart attack.

You can share an original experience or give personal advice or tricks that have helped you manage your disease, stop smoking, lose weight or de-stress.

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stressEveryone talks about stress, but its true meaning differs with each individual. Stress is determined by one’s ability to adapt to an external event. Stress can be insidious and have such diverse sources such as the workplace, family, health, poverty, prejudice or violence. All is determined by the way in which one reacts to the new situation.

Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle Physical activity reduces the risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Furthermore, exercise helps control body weight, decreases blood pressure, increases good cholesterol and decreases triglycerides. It strengthens muscles and helps with digestion.

Excess weight

Weight excessFor a number of years, the Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used to evaluate excess body weight. This index is calculated using the following formula: weight in kilograms/height in meters.