Temps De Deuil


Books that may help you

  • Le deuil à vivre, M. F. Bacqué, éd. Odile Jacob, 2000.
  • La mort intime, M. De Hennezel, éd. Laffont, 1995.
  • L’amour ultime, M. De Hennezel et Y. Montigny, éd. Hatier, 1991.
  • Apprivoiser l’absence, adieu mon enfant, A. Ernoult-Delcourt, éd. Seuil, 1992.
  • Vivre le deuil au jour le jour, Ch. Faure, éd. Albin Michel, 1995.

Bereavement experienced by children

The whole family is in mourning. For children, questions and anxieties may resurface much later because perception of the reality of death varies greatly depending on age.

Up to the age of 3, death has no meaning for a child. It is still in a magical world, death is not final, it is reversible.

Between 4 and 6, the states of life and death are not antagonistic. They are two different states. Death is always present. He is in heaven, but he sees and hears what is happening on earth. A child does not fear death as do adults, it feels immortal but it suffers from separation.

Practical information

To find out more

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If you feel the need, please contact your doctor, a therapist, a chaplain, or the professionals of the establishment that supported the deceased.

Various brochures about the mourning process are available, ask the healthcare team for them: