Modernising our equipment to offer high-performance medicine

HUG has state-of-the-art technical facilities in terms of operating theatres, imaging, biomedical and laboratory equipment.


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New equipment at Bellerive

At the beginning of the active rehabilitation of upper limbs, assistance is required to do extremely intense exercises. Using a robot provides a real benefit.

The technology is based on virtual reality exercises. As they play, the patient interacts with their movements and realises their day-to-day progress. The occupational therapist may adapt the difficulty of the exercises.


Construction of a Datacenter

Dating back 30 years, the two current Datacenters have reached saturation. Adopted in 2017, the project to create a Datacenter takes account of the growth in the number of IT applications and volume of data stored, along with new issues at stake regarding mass file processing (Big Data).

It involves:



Acquisition of a peroperative MRI

The GIBOR (Rhythmology Operating Theatre MRI Group) project plans to construct a surgical platform consisting of an operating theatre and a rhythmology room teamed with an MRI imaging room by the end of 2018.



New radiology rooms

In 2017, the Children’s hospital renewed its radiology rooms, affording particular care to the design of the equipment and configuration of the premises.

The aim was to make these spaces friendly and welcoming, using the light and the arrangement of the equipment to positively influence the young patients being examined.