Extracorporeal support in acute liver failure symposium

This conference is designed for health care professionals who manage adult and pediatric patients (neonates to adolescents) with liver diseases.

Internationally-recognized speakers will address the most challenging topic in the management of children with acute liver failure, including intensive care management and the
use of extracorporeal support.


12h       Light Lunch

12h20  Opening Remarks
Pre Valérie McLin from the Geneva University Hospitals

Feeding the microbiota: 5th Symposium GE-VD

The 5e Symposium GE-VD Feeding the microbiota will take place on the 6th of February 2020, from 1pm to 5.30 pm at the Jenny Auditorium.


Recent studies suggest that the gut microbiota changes with age and could be involved in age-associated diseases and conditions. It is therefore tempting to hypothesize that nutrition could modulate the gut microbiota, subsequently influence the immune system and finally impact on age-associated diseases and conditions.