Pulsations TV mai 2016 - Occupant près d’un tiers de notre vie, le sommeil est parfois perturbé. Environ une personne sur trois se plaint d’un sommeil difficile. Une des causes les plus fréquentes de ce mauvais sommeil est l’apnée du sommeil.

Sudden infant death

Sudden infant death refers to the sudden and unexpected death of a baby under one year of age while sleeping. To date, the causes are still unknown.

However the following recommendations significantly reduce the risk:

Sleep Laboratory


Mission of the Sleep Laboratory

  • Treat patients with sleep disorders with the goal to improve their health status by preventing illnesses that could arise from the chronic nature of these disorders
  • Carry out functional investigations required to diagnose sleep disorders and treat them
  • Participate in HUG’s overall mission of care, education and research

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