The HUG values

An institution's values are its beliefs.


The constant pursuit of quality and efficiency guides everyone's daily work.

The common goal of the institution's employees is to provide exceptional service at all levels - medical, nursing, administrative and logistical.


The HUG pursue innovation, excellence and performance in all their fields of activity, whether it be clinical, research or teaching. They work to maintain and develop their national and international reputation, particularly in important, cutting-edge fields.

Clinical Activities

The HUG Neurodiagnostic and Neurointerventional Division is responsible for diagnostic and invasive neuroradiology actions at HUG. The Division ensures patient care 24/7 in close collaboration with radiology services as well as the services of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience. Through these activities, the Division plays a key role in HUG's involvement in highly specialized medicine for diseases of the central nervous system in general.

The Division consists of two separate units which work closely together.


Care quality and safety are our priorities. We also strive to provide our patients and their relatives with the most pleasant conditions for their admission and stay. The spirit of service at HUG is a series of "little pluses" that make going to the hospital easier for you.

  • Hospital Comfort
  • Information to patients as care partners
  • Welcome and accommodation for relatives