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New equipment at Bellerive

At the beginning of the active rehabilitation of upper limbs, assistance is required to do extremely intense exercises. Using a robot provides a real benefit.

The technology is based on virtual reality exercises. As they play, the patient interacts with their movements and realises their day-to-day progress. The occupational therapist may adapt the difficulty of the exercises.

Orthopedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Trauma Care


Mission of the Orthopedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Trauma Care Division

  • Provide care for surgery-related musculoskeletal injuries and disorders in adult patients, using surgical or conservative treatment, taking into account the services provided by other divisions of the HUG.
  • Provide care for adult patients with spinal trauma or diseases that do not involve medullary or neurological damage.
  • Provide care for adult patients with surgical injuries or disorders of the hand.
  • Provide rehabilitation and physical therapy for patients referred to the specialist Physical Medicine and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Unit.
  • Perform treatment and preventive actions for patients with sports-related musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Patients can be admitted or treated as outpatients, in an elective or emergency context.
  • The patients are given a referral consultation by their regular physician.

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Pediatric Orthopedics Division

Rehabilitation and Internal Medecine Loëx Bellerive


Mission of the Division of Rehabilitation and Internal Medecine Loëx Bellerive 

In the rehabilitation sector (Bellerive and Loëx Hospitals):

  • Admitting and managing patients with complex needs and multiple morbidities, for the continuing treatment of conditions particularly related to: internal medicine, extreme old age, neurological disorders (with or without neuropsychological disorders) or orthopedic conditions, requiring long-term rehabilitation

In the sector for those on the waiting list (Hôpital de Loëx):

  • Admitting and managing patients who are frail, who no longer need hospital treatment (who do not meet the LAMal criteria) and who are on the waiting list for a health and social services facility or other suitable facility

In all sectors, the purposes sought are to maintain and promote patient autonomy