Rapport Social Et Environnemental 2015

Promoting job retention

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Some circumstances in life - illness, pain, treatment or pregnancy - can prevent an employee from exercising their professional activity. Absence from work, especially over a long period, can become a source of anxiety and cause the person to fear for their future. Aware of this problem, the HUG have implemented several solutions to facilitate the return to work and/or continued employment of their employees.

Succession planning

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Training is one of the HUG's three key missions, alongside research and care. They make it a point of honor to contribute to the emergence of new professionals, not only in the field of healthcare but across all of the various activities that the hospitals represent.

For employees

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A responsible employer

As the largest employer in the canton, Geneva University Hospitals offer exciting career opportunities in more than 180 professions. Their HR policy is to treat employees with respect and fairness, to value their talent and develop their skills.

For patients

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Improving patient welcome and enhancing relations

Patient satisfaction is a priority for the HUG. Achieving this not only relies on the quality of care provided, but also respect for the individual and their needs. Employees strive to give every single patient a level of welcome and care that is worthy of their expectations.

20/20 Vision

Vision 20/20The HUG's first social and environmental report

For many years, Geneva University Hospitals have been committed to patient well-being, the working conditions of employees, and the valuable contributions made to the community. 

Environmental management is also a key priority, as stipulated in the service contract with the State of Geneva.

Health and safety for all

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At Geneva University Hospitals, maintaining the health of employees is a priority. The hospitals' staff health service consists of around twenty professionals, including three doctors, seven nurses and a clinical psychologist, offering listening, treatments and advice to employees looking for support. 

Work-life balance

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Employees are the HUG's main asset. It is thanks to them that the hospital is able to fulfill its three missions: care, training and research. It is therefore essential for staff to enjoy their work and to feel good, both in their personal and professional lives.