Rapport Activité 2017


Together we are one

Day after day, year after year, we are proud of transforming our services and providing a high-quality university hospital for all.



Care in the community

In January 2017, the addictology service formed a specialist team offering intensive care to people finding it extremely difficult to comply with traditional treatments. It takes into account their needs, resources and the obstacles preventing them from accessing medical and social services.



New follow-up consultation

The transplant service provides pre-and post-transplant medical monitoring for over six hundred people who have benefitted from a liver, pancreas or islets of Langerhans transplant, combined or not with a renal graft. Until now, this outpatient care had been entirely provided by specialist doctors.



Vaccine for cystitis

HUG and University of Geneva researchers conducted a study with other specialists from Swiss and international institutes and hospitals. It revealed a promising avenue in creating a vaccine to prevent urinary infections due to Escherichia coli.