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Votre hôpital est un centre universitaire reconnu

Your hospital is a renowned university center

In answer to the call from the World Health Organization, HUG champions access to quality healthcare for all. It also develops cutting-edge medicine and enjoys an international reputation.



Your hospital by 2020

At the cutting edge of medicine, HUG works for the well-being and health of everyone. Open to the world and committed to the community, day after day it strives to be the best for you.


Thyroid surgery

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An unprecedented technique

Every day, someone has a thyroid operation at HUG. This organ is ablated in the case of cancer or suspected cancer, hyperthyroidism or goitre.

To reduce postoperative complications, HUG’s thoracic and endocrine surgery department uses angiography. This technique is used to control the function of the parathyroid glands during the operation.