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The HUG Gynecology Division informs women and girls about different contraceptive methods and advises them about the best strategy for their situation.

Contraception: answers to your questions

Do you want to start a method of contraception? Or change it?Are you wondering about the risks of the pill?Do you want to know more about contraceptive implants?Are you looking for the method that is best for your situation, simplest and most effective?Do you need emergency contraception?

Sexual Health and Family Planning



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Mission of the Sexual Health and Family Planning Unit

The Sexual Health and Family Planning Unit (USSPF) is a free, confidential public service, which helps to promote quality of life, the health of individuals, couples and families, at different stages in emotional, interpersonal and sexual life.

The unit promotes sexual health in men and women, regardless of age, culture, religion and sexual orientation.

Particular attention is given to adolescents, migrants, individuals who are experiencing psychosocial vulnerability or who are experiencing a crisis in their sexual or reproductive life.

See the WHO's definition of sexual health.

The mission of USSPF is governed by various legal frameworks [FR].


Reasons for consultation

Overview of the various services the USSPF provides.



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Activity reports

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The Unit helps to develop prevention projects inside and outside the hospital.

The Unit provides leadership, teaching and research (FR) activities:
Colleagues from the unit respond to requests, often in collaboration with other institutions, such as: