Oxygénothérapie Hyperbare

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric therapy is a way to administer oxygen through the lungs inside an enclosure where the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure

Effects of hyperbaric oxygen

Replacement effect:

Breathing pure oxygen inside a pressurized environment such as the hyperbaric chamber leads to an elevation in the dissolved quantity of oxygen in the blood and tissues.

SOS Gelures [SOS Frostbite]


Mission of the SOS Gelures [SOS Frostbite] Program

  • Admit and treat hyperbaric medical emergencies.
  • SOS Gelures [SOS Frostbite] is a medical research program that aims to evaluate the benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of severe frostbite.
  • Improving collaboration across the French-Swiss border to optimize medical treatment of severe frostbite.
  • Creating an international medical network for treatment of frostbite.
  • Ensuring a 24/7 hotline to offer specialist opinions and treatment guidance adapted to the degrees of severity and therapeutic means locally available.
  • Centralizing and analyzing the frostbite treatment parameters of different centers through an international frostbite registry.
  • Putting updated frostbite treatment protocols online.

The team from the Hyperbaric Medicine Program Division is in charge of the SOS Gelures program at the Geneva University Hospitals.

The team from the Hôpitaux du Mont-Blanc Emergency Room is in charge of the French side of the program.


Hyperbaric Medicine Program


Mission of the Hyperbaric Medicine Program

In 2009, the Geneva University Hospital (HUG) received a HAUX Starmed 2400 double hyperbaric chamber with capacity for 16 people.

Currently, HUG is the only university hospital in Switzerland to have such equipment. It is the responsibility of HUG to develop hyperbaric medicine locally, nationally and internationally, and to be a reference center in this discipline.

A Multidisciplinary Hyperbaric Medicine Program has been put into place to achieve these objectives.