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A responsible employer

As the largest employer in the canton, Geneva University Hospitals offer exciting career opportunities in more than 180 professions. Their HR policy is to treat employees with respect and fairness, to value their talent and develop their skills.

Discovering careers

There are a multitude of jobs at HUG!

180 different career paths help the hospital to run properly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Beyond the medical professions, which are well-known and essential, there are other essential occupations including cook, gardener, biologist, lawyer, engineer, pharmacist, etc. All of these play a key role.

With its broad range of occupations, HUG is a great place to discover interesting work and find new career paths.

avec Stéphanie Brousoz - Infirmière aux soins intensifs. Le personnel soignant des services de soins intensifs s'occupe de patients dont l’état est à ce point grave qu’ils ne peuvent être traités dans les autres services de l’hôpital.