Lesion, the aspects of which are reminiscent of or composed of tissues histologically identical to those of the skin and epithelial tissues (dermoid ovarian cyst).




Surgical removal of a portion of the cervix presenting with a dysplastic lesion.

Surgical removal is most often performed using loop diathermy (LEEP) under local anesthesia.

The surgical device is cone-shaped, hence the name.



Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery


Mission of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Division 

  • Urgent or semi-urgent reconstruction of soft tissue loss following trauma, severe infection, extended necrosis, as well as in cases of pressure sores, cancer excision or lesions secondary to radiotherapy treatment.
  • General elective plastic surgery, mainly of the breasts and abdomen, body contouring as a part of morbid obesity management.
  • Secondary elective reconstructive surgery in the above indications, as well as in congenital malformations, more particularly craniofacial, thoracic and breast malformations.
  • Aesthetic surgery, with a particular focus on the face, breasts, and body contouring