2015, a year about YOU

From screening days and information campaigns, to anniversaries and inaugurations: the year was full of events and meetings.

photo campagne "Vous & Nous"Vous & Nous: meaning "You & Us", a poster campaign launched by the HUG with a new logo




Remembrance Ceremony

For parents, relatives and caregivers who have lost a child or baby (before or after birth).

Remembrance CeremonySometimes the words cannot be found to talk about the loss of a loved one. It is good to move forward. Sometimes it is good to stop. It is sweet to remember.


The well being of patients and relatives is always our concern. That is why we are committed to the Ceremony of Remembrance which aim to share the often painful personal experiences of people who are ill and of families in mourning.

The event offers parents and families who have lost a child a moment of contemplation imbued with dignity and kindness: a chance to share with others who have also experienced an untimely loss.