Work-life balance

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Employees are the HUG's main asset. It is thanks to them that the hospital is able to fulfill its three missions: care, training and research. It is therefore essential for staff to enjoy their work and to feel good, both in their personal and professional lives.

Health and safety for all

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At Geneva University Hospitals, maintaining the health of employees is a priority. The hospitals' staff health service consists of around twenty professionals, including three doctors, seven nurses and a clinical psychologist, offering listening, treatments and advice to employees looking for support. 

Promoting job retention

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Some circumstances in life - illness, pain, treatment or pregnancy - can prevent an employee from exercising their professional activity. Absence from work, especially over a long period, can become a source of anxiety and cause the person to fear for their future. Aware of this problem, the HUG have implemented several solutions to facilitate the return to work and/or continued employment of their employees.

Human resources

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A leading economic player, HUG employs 11,148 people, which is equivalent to 9,312.9 full-time jobs. This figure is rising in line with the integration of the Joli-Mont and Montana Clinics. Seven out of ten staff members are female. Four out of ten employees work part-time. In 2016, HUG hired 907 people.