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Our raison d'être

An institution's missions are its raison d’être. The Geneva Act entrusts three key missions to the HUG: 

Work-life balance

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Employees are the HUG's main asset. It is thanks to them that the hospital is able to fulfill its three missions: care, training and research. It is therefore essential for staff to enjoy their work and to feel good, both in their personal and professional lives.

The HUG missions

An institution's missions are its raison d’être.


Geneva University Hospitals meet the healthcare needs of a community of 500,000 people, plus patients from other Swiss regions and abroad.


In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and vocational colleges, every year the HUG welcomes 600 doctors and 800 healthcare professionals in training.


Geneva University Hospitals actively contribute to medical progress through high-level research addressing both the medical and nursing disciplines.