Medical Entities Index

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Addiction Service Structure
Addictions Consultation
Addictions Consultation
Adult Psychiatry Service Structure
Allergies Consultation
Anesthesiology Service Structure
Angiology Consultation
Angiology and Hemostasis Service Structure
Back Pain Consultation
Bacteriology Laboratory Laboratoire Structure
BATLab Laboratoire Structure
Bone Diseases Consultation
Bone Diseases Service Structure
Cardio-pediatrics Consultation
Cardiology Consultation
Cardiology Service Structure
Cardiovascular Surgery Service Structure
Child and Adolescent Surgery Service Structure
Child guidance Consultation
Child Protection (GPE) Consultation
Clinical Pathology Service Structure
Community geriatrics Consultation
Couples and Families Consultation
Dermatology Consultation
Dermatology and Venereology Service Structure
Development and Growth Service Structure
Diabetes Consultation
Digestive Tumors Consultation
Division of Prison Health Service Structure
eHealth and Telemedicine Service Structure
Emergency Room Service Structure
Endocrinology Consultation
ENT Consultation
ENT/Head-and-Neck Surgery Service Structure
Epilepsy Consultation
Gastroenterology Consultation
General Internal Medicine Service Structure
General Neurology Consultation
General Pediatrics Service Structure
Genetic Medicine Service Structure
Genetics Consultation
Genomics Consultation
Geriatrics Service Structure
Giving blood Groupe Structure
Gynecology Service Structure
Hand surgery Consultation
Head and neck surgery Consultation
Hematology Consultation
Hematology Service Structure
Hematology-oncology Consultation
Hemostasis Laboratory Laboratoire Structure
High-risk Obstetrics Consultation
HIV/AIDS Consultation
Hyperbaric Medicine Consultation
Hypertension Consultation
Hypertension Consultation
Immunology Consultation
Immunology and Allergology Service Structure
Infectious diseases Consultation
Infectious Diseases Service Structure
Institutional Measures Service Structure
Intensive care Service Structure
Laboratory Medicine Service Structure
Lipidology Consultation
Lung Cancer Consultation
Lung Transplant Consultation
Malatavie prevention Consultation
Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery Service Structure
Medical Information Sciences Service Structure
Memory Consultation
Mental development Consultation
Mood disorders Consultation
Mucoviscidosis Consultation
Multiple Sclerosis Consultation
Nephrology Consultation
Nephrology and hypertension Service Structure
Neuro-Rehabilitation Consultation
Neuro-Rehabilitation Service Structure
Neurology Service Structure
Neurosurgery Service Structure
Neurosurgery Consultation
Nutrition Consultation
Obesity and Diabetes Consultation
Obstetrics Service Structure
Obstetrics Consultation
Oncogenetics Consultation
Oncogynecology Consultation
Oncology Consultation
Oncology Service Structure
Ophthalmology Service Structure
Ophthalmology Consultation
Pain Consultation
Palliative Medicine Consultation
Parkinson Consultation
Pediatric Allergology Consultation
Pediatric Nephrology Consultation
Pediatric Neurology Consultation
Pediatric Neurosurgery Consultation
Pediatric Orthopedics Consultation
Pediatric Pulmonology Consultation
Pediatric Specialties Service Structure
Pediatric Urology Consultation
Perinatality Consultation
Perineology Consultation
Primary Care Service Structure
Primary Care Medicine Consultation
Psychiatric Specialties Service Structure
Pulmonology Consultation
Pulmonology Service Structure
Radiation Oncology Consultation
Radiation Oncology Service Structure
Radiology Consultation
Radiology Service Structure
Reproductive medicine Consultation
Rheumatology Consultation
Rheumatology Service Structure
Sexology Consultation
Sleep Consultation
Sports medicine (UOTS) Consultation
Surgical senology Consultation
Therapeutic education Unité Structure
Thoracic and Endocrine Surgery Service Structure
Transcultural Consultation
Transfusion Hematology Consultation
Transplant Service Structure
Tuberculosis Consultation
Urology Consultation
Urology Service Structure
Varicose veins Consultation
Vascular neurology Consultation
Violence (UIMPV) Consultation
Virology Laboratory Laboratoire Structure
Wound care Groupe Structure
Youth Health Consultation
Youth Health Unité Structure

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