Learning Self-hypnosis techniques (from the 5th month of pregnancy)

1.5 hrs/CHF 200.- (for 4 sessions)
This course is for those of you who are
between 22 and 32 week of pregnancy

This course covers pregnancy and birth by combining preparation for birth and self-hypnosis training. Offered to all women who are expecting their first, second, third, etc. child. This self-hypnosis method helps mothers-to-be to calmly experience their pregnancy, actively prepare for birth and build up their confidence to become a mother. Learning deep relaxation, how to let go, promoting communication between the future mother and baby, reducing stress, etc. are just some of the benefits of self-hypnosis.


  • This course is given in French and in English
  • This course consists of 4 sessions
  • Partner is welcome from the 3rd course

For your comfort, wear loose clothing and bring a blanket/cloth/sarong or other wrap to place on the exercise mat that will be provided to you.


Last update : 18/11/2021