Hospital charges

Your health insurer will meet the cost of your stay, provided that your state of health justifies hospitalization. If you are covered by the Swiss statutory health insurance scheme, you pay a 10% share of the cost. This is capped at CHF 700 per year, minus your health insurance excess.

Please note that your health insurance ceases to cover the cost of a hospital stay which is no longer medically justified. The insurer will send us a letter to inform us that your cover may be coming to an end. If your discharge or a move cannot be arranged, and your stay is extended, you become fully liable for the costs, for example accommodation charges while you are waiting for a place in residential care. The nurse treating you can put you in touch with a social worker for further information.

Information to your insurer

At the end of your HUG stay, your diagnosis will appear on your invoice in coded form. If you do not wish your insurer to see this diagnostic code, you must tell the doctor treating you in hospital. In this case the code will be forwarded to your insurer’s medical consultant, but will not appear on the bill your insurer receives.

Your share in the costs of your stay

From 1 January 2011, the Health Insurance Ordinance requires every patient to pay a contribution towards the costs of their hospital stay (board and accommodation). The amount is fixed at CHF 15 per day. HUG does not bill you for this. The amount only appears on the statement of account for your health insurer. No deduction is possible (e.g. if your relatives bring your meals to the hospital). Children, young people in full-time education and women admitted to Maternity are exempt.

More information about billing

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Last update : 27/05/2022