Have your own say in your care

Your participation is essential

With the experience and skills you have acquired due to your illness, you can take an active role in your own health. To decide which treatment is best for you, your healthcare team must have full information about your past and present health problems. Also tell them which medicines you take on a regular or occasional basis.

Express your needs

The relationships with the care team are based on trust, listening and dialogue. By expressing your needs and telling us how you feel, and letting us know your preferences, you contribute to the quality of the care you receive. If you have a sound understanding of your medical condition, you can have a say in your care. For practical advice, please ask for the brochure You and your doctor, keys to better communication.

Help us to control your pain

Please do let the healthcare staff know as soon as you feel uncomfortable or unwell. They will regularly assess your pain in order to alleviate it. The allocated carers of the HUG Pain Network (Réseau douleur) will intervene on a daily basis to optimize your analgesic treatment. To find out more, ask for the brochure Are you in pain? Let’s work together then

Obey the hand hygiene rules

In hospital, you are exposed to different microbes from those of your usual environment and, being weakened by illness, you are in a more fragile condition. For your protection, you are provided with a bottle of an alcohol-based solution. Rub some into your hands:

  • before and after meals
  • after you have been to the toilet
  • after blowing your nose
  • when you leave your room to go for an examination etc.
  • when you return to your room.

HUG wishes to promote a partnership with the patient at every step of the treatment, in every area of medical care, as well as in activities such as hotel services or research.

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Last update : 27/05/2022