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Christophe Graf
Christophe Graf
Head of Division

The Geriatric Division is closely involved in the teaching of medical students (Introductory Unit to the Clinical Approach, teaching in the clinical setting and participation in numerous committees) and in the organization of postgraduate training on the Trois-Chêne site.

Undergraduate training

Who to contact

Introductory Unit to the Clinical Approach - UIDC
Supervisor: Prof Gabriel Gold +41 79 55 38 235
Secretarial office for neuro-psy-geriatric Block IV Mme Brigitte Faleur: +41 79 55 38 330
Secretarial office for the UIDC: Mme Nathalie Carrieu

Teaching in the clinical setting - AMC Internal Medicine
Supervisor of Trois-Chene site: Dr Philippe Huber : +41 79 55 38 319
Secretarial office : Mme Brigitte Faleur : +41 79 55 38 330

Postgraduate training

For medical interns and trainee managers, the Trois-Chéne site, including the SMI-R and the Geriatric Division, validates 2 years of internal medicine (category B), 2 years of geriatrics (category A) and 1 year of physical medicine and rehabilitation (geriatric rehabilitation).

The division’s medical interns and chief residents take part in 4 hours of formal teaching per week, as well as teaching and learning at the patient’s bedside. The divisional symposium (presentation of cases and journal club) is held on Fridays from 11am to 12 noon.
Prof Gabriel Gold organizes the symposium of the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics, which takes place on Wednesdays at the Trois-Chêne Hospital. See the schedule of Wednesday symposiums (FR).
Dr Véronique Trombert is in charge of organizing the weekly workshops on internal medicine and geriatrics which take place on Mondays.
Prof Jean-Luc Reny organizes the scientific symposiums which take place on Thursdays in conjunction with the research symposium and journal club organized by Prof François Herrman.
Dr Philippe Huber is in charge of the in-depth training afternoons in geriatrics.
See the schedule of in-depth training in geriatrics (2018) (FR)
See the program for the next in-depth training session (September 19, 2018) (FR)

A weekly symposium for the unit doctors is organized on Tuesdays from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

The medical chief residents and the medical assistant director take part in the training and teaching of trainee doctors and of nursing staff for the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics and other requesting departments on the Cluse-Roseraie site.

To be considered for a medical intern or senior resident post (FR)

Continuous training

Senior doctors at the division take part in many continuous training activities in geriatrics, particularly in the field of incontinence, driving for elderly people and cognition.
See the schedule of Wednesday symposiums (FR)
See the schedule for in-depth training in geriatrics (2018) (FR) 
See the program for the next in-depth training session (September 19, 2018) (FR)

Information: Mme Nathalie Mannino +41 79 55 38 326

Professors Gold et Giacobini organize the "International Geneva/Springfield Symposium on Advances in Alzheimer Therapy" which, every two years, brings together almost 1,000 leaders and specialists in the assessment and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Information: Mme Christine Mesmer +41 22 30 56 523

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