Division of food purchasing, furniture, Network management, projects

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You will find your contact person for general purchasing on this page.

Deputy Director, Head of Division: Pierre Lesimple
Tel. +41 (0)22 372 63 45 or +41 (0)21 314 50 30

For Purchasing Furniture

Office Furniture
Seating, chairs, benches, reception; Desks, tables, cabinets; Partitions, coat racks, display stands, screens.

Medical Furniture
Armchair (wheelchair, chair for blood collecting, patient chair); Chair (shower chair, commode chair, laboratory chair); Trolley (treatment trolley, medicine cart, emergency cart, computer cart); Consultation or therapy couch; Bed, mattress, stretcher; Hoist, stand; Cabinet

CONTACT: Mr. Bruno Aguilar
Tel. +41 (0)22 372 63 21

For Fresh and Frozen Food Products

Beverages; Disposable material related to food; Dishes & cutlery; Enteral nutrition, oral nutritional supplements; Small kitchen equipment & catering.

CONTACT: Mr. Jean-Marie Bellossat
Tel. +41 (0)22 372 63 28

For Medical Journals, Specialized Press and Media

Books and brochures; Various documents, DVDs and professional publications; Psychological testing; Multimedia, communication and cultural services;
" Pulsations" Magazine and "Puls & Co" internal journal; Subscriptions; Promotional items.

CONTACT: Ms. Alice Berdat
Tel. +41 (0)22 372 63 44

For Property Service Management Products, Containers

Textiles (shoes, clothes); Hygiene and body products; Safety items and contracts); Radiology clothing; Transportation, moving; Special contracts, cleaning contracts; Cleaning, refuse collection.

CONTACT: Gilles Riotton
Tel. +41 (0)22 372 63 23

For Stationery

Toner and ink; CD/DVDs; Paper; Stamps; Diaries; Envelopes; Labels; Administrative and medical forms; Copying machines (service contracts).

CONTACT: Nora Sculati
Tel. +41 (0)22 372 63 57

For Medical Equipment

Kitchen appliances
Home appliances
Cleaning appliances
Maintenance contracts for medical equipment

CONTACTS: Jacky Turin
Tel. +41 (0) 372 63 29


Last update : 02/10/2019