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  • Geneva University Hospitals
    Avenue de la Roseraie 51
    1205 Genève

  • Monday to Friday
    From 7:00 am to 11:45 am and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


 Some Reminders

  • The delivery note must accompany each item and specify the order number; 
  • No "wild" deliveries to divisions;
  • The address and the delivery date are specified on the order form.

Exemptions may be granted in specific situations (urgent delivery, large or fragile materials, etc.). Specific conditions will be specified in the order form.

Without exception, the supplier is obliged to adhere to the above rules.


bulletin de livraison hug

Wrapping and Packaging

The goods shall be packed in such a way as not to suffer any damages.

Overpackaging shall be used only if the nature of the goods so requires. The best alternative, with due regard to sustainable development, shall be selected.

Delivery must be made on EUR/EPAL, CHEP or LPR pallets : width 800 mm x length 1200 mm x max height of pallets :1700mm. The height may be increased to 1900mm with the explicit consent of HUG

Last update : 17/02/2020