Code of Ethics

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Professional purchasing involves complex techniques but this work mainly involves immense intellectual and moral rigor particularly for the supplier.

Any purchaser must know that nothing is free and that in a world where conquering markets at all levels requires a constant search for competitiveness, we cannot close our eyes to what might constitute a serious offense and a hindrance to competition.

In fact, we must be aware of the perverse nature of the compromises to be made in business transactions from an economic, social and professional perspective.

On a professional level, CAIB staff will have to fulfill their mission with complete loyalty to their employer and in compliance with the ethical rules of the supplier profession.


Respecting legislation.
Respect both the substance and form of the country's laws and principles of
"good faith" as well as other guidelines set by professional or business organizations.

Acting with integrity and impartiality vis-à-vis suppliers.
Ensuring an impeccable level of integrity in all business relationships both inside and outside the company.

Not accepting any direct or indirect personal benefit that is likely to influence a business decision.
To maintain the integrity of both the employee and the employer, gifts must be refused. Gifts that are more than just a small token of low monetary value must be refused.

Hospitality is a polite attitude recognized among partners in business. However, guests should not be put in a situation that could prevent a voluntary decision or that could give that impression. The frequency and extent of hospitality must be within the limits of expenses that HUG/CHUV is willing to pay.

In all cases, travel/trips paid by suppliers in Switzerland and abroad during and outside working hours require CAIB authorization.

Not distorting competition directly or indirectly.
Respecting the confidentiality of information or intangible industrial and commercial property assets of suppliers.
Disclosure of this information will be likely to undermine the interests of the latter. The confidentiality of available information, within the framework of the activity, must be maintained and cannot be used for personal gain.

Observe the general rules of good character, intellectual honesty being in no way incompatible with ability.

- Code of honor, CDAF (Compagnie des acheteurs de France - French Buyers Association)
- Code of ethics IFPMM (International Federation Purchasing and Material Management)

Last update : 25/11/2021