Medical activities

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Soleillane Villa

Chemin Venel 7
1206 Geneva

Alain Golay
Head of Unit

The activities of the Division for Therapeutic Education for Chronic Diseases are primarily aimed at those with diabetes or obesity, with the purpose of preventing the medical and psychosocial complications of these conditions.

The ultimate purpose of the Division's medical activities is to teach patients how to manage their chronic diseases in the long term, in order to improve quality of life, autonomy and treatment compliance.

Results for diabetes:
Therapeutic education improves quality of life
by over 50% and considerably reduces complications:
•    90% reduction in blindness
•    80% reduction in lower limb amputation rates
•    50% reduction in foot ulcers
•    90% reduction in hospital readmissions
•    60% reduction in antibiotic use, etc.


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