Getting ready to leave

The date of your discharge is decided by agreement with your doctor. It is planned with you, to help your return to everyday life.


Before you leave hospital, please make sure you have received the following:

  • a notification of discharge
  • a doctor’s / sick-leave certificate (if necessary)
  • a card indicating your treatment
  • a prescription (if necessary)
  • a physiotherapy or domiciliary care prescription (if necessary)
  • a record booklet for follow-up treatment (if necessary)
  • a follow-up appointment with your general practitioner or at the hospital.

Leaving against medical advice

You are free to leave the hospital at any time. If you decide to do so against medical advice, having been informed of the risks you face, your healthcare staff will ask you to sign a self-discharge form, releasing them from liability.

Your discharge letter

A medical report will be sent to your general practitioner in the form of a letter of discharge. Unless you request otherwise, it is sent to the doctor who referred you to hospital. You may request a copy.

You can visit the Arcade imad homecare team on the first floor of the Gustave Julliard building.


Before leaving hospital, please do not forget to collect:

  • your personal possessions
  • any x-rays you brought with you
  • and any valuables (money or jewellery) you deposited at the cash office
  • any personal medication you may have given to the nurse.

soins à domicileDomiciliary care

The canton of Geneva possesses an extensive domiciliary care and support network offering a wide variety of services, including housekeeping and home delivery of meals. Ask a member of the nursing staff for more information.

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Last update : 15/04/2021