Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center’s mission is to promote clinical research within HUG and the Faculty of Medicine by developing translational research that matches the priority areas defined by the two institutions (HUG and the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine).

Clinical research means patient-oriented research, in contrast to laboratory research which involves tissues and animals.

Clinical Research Support Units

Based on the same principle as Core Facilities of the Faculty of Medicine, the University-Hospital Clinical Research Center’s mandate is to provide specialist services geared towards clinical research for the entire scientific community. As such, physicians, statisticians, computer analysts, nurses, clinical research assistants, etc. are available to anyone who uses the Center.

These Clinical Research Professionals are organized into three units :

  • The Methodological Support Unit, provides the methodological framework as well as assistance in the statistical analysis of data from clinical research studies.
  • The Clinical Investigation Unit, provides dedicated logistics and infrastructure for carrying out clinical studies (beds, nurses, clinical research assistants).
  • The Quality Unit contributes to the continuous improvement of quality for clinical trials

The Center received support from the National Science Foundation that subsidized its establishment from 2008 to 2012 It continues to grow with the support of the Faculty of Medicine and HUG.

 Photo Professeur Jérôme Pugin President du centrePofessor Jérôme Pugin,  President of the Center

To contact the Center

Visit the Clinical Research Center website (FR)
Refer to the Clinical Research Center’s brochure (FR)

Last update : 04/08/2022