Lung Cancer Center

Lung cancer appears when lung cells multiply uncontrollably and form abnormal lung tissue, called a nodule or mass depending on the size. Lung cancer may develop in different parts of the lung, either inside the airways (bronchi) or in the lung tissue itself. Cancer cells may also migrate to neighboring lymph nodes or to other organs via the lymphatic system. This is referred to as metastatic cancer.

To find out more, visit the website of the Swiss League Against Cancer (FR)

In order to provide the best treatment to patients with this type of cancer, HUG has created a special program and integrated it within the Cancer Center: the Lung Program.

As part of this program, a group of experts, including an experienced specialist from each of the relevant medical and surgical specialties, will meet to review each clinical case, whether to define a screening strategy, to make a confirmed diagnosis or to select a personalized treatment. The objectives of the program are to establish, within a short period of time, optimal specialized treatment, coordination of different procedures and optimal follow-up of the personalized treatment plan.

The Lung Program ensures patients have access to:

  • an expert opinion that has been validated by the Heads of all specialties involved
  • cutting-edge diagnostic methods in pulmonology, radiology and surgery
  • cutting-edge oncological and radio-oncological therapeutic surgical techniques
  • new drugs in the context of clinical studies.
Last update : 07/04/2020