A Center for Genetic Medicine to Learn About Rare Diseases

Genetic Medicine occupies a prominent place at HUG. It acquired international fame thanks to its work on chromosome 21 and the 2010 launch of the first center for clinical expertise in Switzerland exclusively dedicated to trisomy.

The Genetic Medicine Division - major tool for Switzerland and one of the most important divisions in Europe with 65 staff members - is at the heart of the 21st century's medical revolution with a "genome clinic" whose objective is to sequence the entire DNA in order to identify the molecular cause of genetic diseases and thus find the genetic predisposition to polygenetic diseases.

In the same spirit of innovation, HUG is creating a Center for Genetic Medicine, thus providing the means to go even further. This is to ensure that recent developments in genetics and advances in genomics benefits patients in a very concrete way through their clinical applications.

This increased cooperation between genetics and clinical care will become effective at the stage of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy.

The mission of the Center for Genetic Medicine is to develop multidisciplinary expertise in rare diseases. This project will lead to the creation of a rare diseases unit as well as a unit for genetic reproduction. Collaboration with the Oncology Center will allow the development of an infrastructure for studying the genome of each cancer, help categorize tumors and help with therapeutic choices.

Professeur Marc Joël AbramowiczProfessor
Marc Joël Abramowicz
Head of Center

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Last update : 23/05/2018