Biomedical Engineering Division

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Bd de la Cluse 77
1205 Geneva

Hervé Jacquemoud
Hervé Jacquemoud
Head of Division

Mission of the Biomedical Engineering Division

The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Division (BED) is to:

  • Provide technological monitoring and technical advice to doctors and the General Directorate.
  • Plan applications for the acquisition and updating of medical equipment and medical/technical platform restructuring.
  • Coordinate the procedures for equipment acquisition, needs analysis, installation and operational implementation with respect to the users, and technical and IT services.
  • Be a guarantor of the suitability of the purchasing process with respect to the needs of patients and users and with respect to institutional and regulatory constraints.
  • Lead multi-professional working groups in the context of technical studies of materials or medical/technical platforms.
  • Participate in construction projects and manage the equipment program during the construction project study and implementation phases.
  • Provide an evaluation of the risks related to its area of activity and the proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Implementation and monitoring of medical devices vigilance prescriptions (the Head of the Biomedical Engineering Division is the HUG medical device vigilance correspondent with respect to SwissMedic).
Last update : 14/06/2022