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Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Martin Tramèr
Head of Division

Mission of the Anesthesiology Division 

  • Ensure the comfort and safety of patients during medical or surgical procedures
  • Take responsibility in anesthesiology by providing post-graduate training to specialist nurses and doctors
  • Ensure pain relief management for women in labor      
  • Reduce, in collaboration with surgical teams, the physiological and psychological effects of surgical procedures and other medical procedures throughout the treatment and during the first 24 hours             
  • Manage, within the framework of a collaboration with the Health Brigade, intra-hospital life-threatening emergencies, and participate in pre-hospital emergency care for the canton of Geneva                
  • Participate in pain treatment from the moment the patient leaves the recovery room under the medical responsibility of the heads of the Surgery Division according to the negotiated delegation of powers           
  • Participate in the management of chronic pain, by offering the interventional pain relief services in collaboration with other medical teams        
  • Develop research contributing to innovations in anesthesiology         
  • Support innovations in other medical specialties by contributing to patient comfort and safety


Last update : 20/04/2021