Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Martin Tramèr
Head of Division

Doctor responsible for the unit:
Pr Walid HABRE

The Anesthesiology Division conducts research in the following areas:

The division also participates in the following projects:

  • Outpatient anesthesia: 
    • Communication and anesthesia (patient information, consent)
    • Outpatient postoperative analgesia
  • Digestive and urological anesthesia:
    • Anesthesia and laparoscopy
    • Analgesia by continuous instillation of local anesthetics through a catheter placed close to the abdominal wall
    • Epidemiology: impact of the aging population
  • Gyneco-obstretrical anesthesiology:
    • Clinical research in the field of pre-eclampsia
    • Evaluation of different video-laryngoscopes for difficult intubation
  • Orthopedic anesthesia:
    • Research in the field of interpeduncular and perimedullary locoregional anesthesia as well as postoperative analgesia
    • Development of ultrasound imaging for shallow and deep peripheral nerve blocks
  • Pediatric anesthesiology:
    • Anesthesia and bronchial hyper responsiveness
    • Anesthesia and memory
    • Fluid and electrolyte replenishment
  • Post-interventional and outside of theater anesthesiology: 
    • Intra and post-interventional comfort ("well-being" project, "hypnosis" project) 
    • Traumatic brain injury (PEBITA national project)
    • Monitoring development of peri-operative opioids (SNF project with ETH Zurich)
    • Quality improvement project in the post-interventional monitoring room
  • Emergency:

These projects are published in scientific papers (FR).


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